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April 24 2015

Hello! I was very excited to finally receive Seuss' eye patch. It was delivered within a week and half from order date. Very quick. Seuss lost his eye due to a dog bite trauma which ultimately resulted in a corneal perforation. It amazes us how much this event affected our lives opposed to our little Boston Terrier named Seuss. When your furbaby hurts, you hurt more. So true a statement. But, instead of crying more for our poor little man we embraced his new disability, which left him pretty much blind as the remaining eye he suffers from chronic dry eye and had next to know vision in that eye, and thought, "What can we do to make this unique situation fun?" He can be a pirate every single day!

However, as we search and searched the Internet for the perfect eye patch, we were very sad to read other blogs from people responding to others who are in the same situation as our family was. People made comments to these other families such as, "What? Are you ashamed of your dog missing an eye? Are you creeped out by the missing eye?" All I have to say to people who think I am ashamed of my furbabies unfortunate disability is, "No, I am not ashamed nor am I creeped out by his missing eye. Without the patch no one hardly notices his missing eye. The eye patch is a conversational piece that brings people's attention to his disability and allows me to educate others about how sensitive the eye is and how easy and quickly your furbaby can lose it do to an unfortunate event. Embrace and have fun with your furbaby's disability as long as it is not bothering them." The eye patch doesn't bother him in the slightest and he looks darn cute and handsome in it, and it suits his personality perfectly. Thank you for making this eye patch for our furbaby Seuss!


Angie Cote
Saskatchewan, Canada


We received her eye patch and LOVE IT!!!


Norma M
Los Angeles CA 90042



My father took the loss of Nessie's eye due to a play injury much worse then my little scrapper did. She's adjusting to wearing a patch as she loves to go commando at all times, but even my father admits his little granddog looks badass sporting her custom patch.


Lola Bree from Wilmington NC and her stuffed dog with your eye patches.

Mel A
Wilmington NC 28405


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I wasn't too sure if Kai would keep his eye patch on, but he doesn't mind at all. He looks pretty cool! I'm going to have to get another one for him, we jus love it!


Las Vegas NV 89120


Hey Gwen,
Its Mel, thank u so much for both eye patches! Its a xxxx-small, oval. I want to order another patch. Hope u like the pic. This is Lola Bree,

Wilmington NC 28405

I am so happy to receive the two eye patches for Rudolf yesterday. I am going to make this his new fashion statement piece! it will be great if I can bring him out so that he get curious stares because of the adorable patches and not because of his missing eye socket.

Eileen T.


I love my little doggie patches. As soon as he has his stitches out, I will try them on my Little (his name) I love how well made they are, very cool product and thanks so much for making them.

Sally and Little


Hi my name is Megan and one week ago my sweet 10yr old chocolate lab got glaucoma and had his eye removed. Today he proudly wears one of two eye patches I ordered. Thank you so much, we love them and everyone thinks he is super cool now. Ill be ordering more for sure and spreading the word.

Sincerely, Megan & Maui


 Welcome Mr Plissken to our beautiful pets Page!!

Laveen AZ 85339

This is Sophie

She lives in Coeur d Alene ID 83814


This is Foxy...

She lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, S7M 1Z9

bought this eye patch from you and iT fits perfect. Here is a picture of Zen with it on.
Duke T.
Lebanon TN 37087


I wanted to say thank you for the perfect eye patch for my little blind dog, Casey. She has one glass prosthetic eye and just three weeks ago she had surgery on her other eye. We had that one removed because the other procedure caused her so much pain. We bought her a skull and cross bones collar to go with her patch. We gave her some cute attitude with the patch and we love it. Thanks for giving our friendly and cute little dog the chance to let her personality show without “creeping out” our friends and neighbors.

Sincerely, Karen C

Sierra Vista AZ 85650

This is Quinn, He is the companion of Emmie P. from Mullica Hill, NJ


Just picked up my mail and the eye patch is AWESOME! I cannot wait to get home and have Tyke try it on. I’m going to take a picture and send it to K-State to the Eye Surgeons who took care of him for 3 days as an inspiration to other pooches who have also lost an eye.

Your product is amazing!


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