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I wanted to tell you how pleased (ecstatic really) I am with the eye patch I ordered. I had a second round of extensive eye surgery, the 1st

surgery I bought a patch of the shelf at my local pharmacy. This patch was tight, had a suction cup effect to my surgical eye and was overall

 uncomfortable not to mention less than stylish.

I found your web site after a search online and had asked you a couple of questions before ordering. You were very quick in your response

and I thank you.
I ordered the skull patch from the Halloween collection, it came very quickly and I was nothing short of thrilled when I received it.
I have been wearing the patch for the the last 5 days now and I am so happy. It is comfortable, easily adjustable, and I look hot wearing it =)
It is such a relief to have such a great patch for protection and rest of my eye.

My eye surgeon loved the design and I gave the web site information to the girls at the desk in case anyone else is looking for a patch in

the future!

Thank you again so very much for your great work on this fabulous patch!!!!




I wanted to let you know I got my patches yesterday and they totally rock! They are so comfortable; the workmanship is outstanding and a

very clever design.

Thank you again…I love them!

M. H.
Seattle, Washington


Just to say a BIG THANK YOU for my eye patches. Especially because they arrived so quickly. They are gorgeous!! Thanks so much.
I've had a prosthetic eye for some time and when I get eye infections and can't use it, I've been too embarrassed to go out with the standard

black patches because people just stare so much. So I'm house-bound for a few days. Now I've got something so lovely to use and I'm sure the

main comments I'll be getting is 'where did you get those?'. I feel they will give me much more confidence coz I know they are so pretty and

unique. Many thanks... I'll be back for more...

United Kingdom

Just wanted to tell you I received your "bling" eye-patches today .... they look fantastic!  
I can't wait to gift-wrap them and give them to Ivan our sax player. 
I know he's gonna be blown away.  I'm also gonna pass on your website details to him in
case he'd like to order something else from you.
Thank you so much for all your efforts ..... it's exactly what I wanted.
Love and best wishes,

Melbourne - Australia

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I received my order from you today. Such amazing service on the order time!
I am very, very pleased! The quality is excellent. The materials are lovely. The comfort is astonishing. Because it is Christmas Eve,

I immediately followed your directions and placed the cord on the sequined eye patch. It is wonderful. Even though I cannot see it,

I know I sparkle. Thank you for the extra cording, eye patch, and marvelous beading ideas. That was a kind gesture which I will not

forget. My patch is going to be a life long companion. I have tried so many others with poor results. They took too long to reach me,

were not made well, or looked like a costume piece. I am charmed by your product.

Please keep up the marvelous work. It is greatly appreciated.

Your new best customer one eyed customer,

Teresa J.
Wichita, Kansas


I would just like to say how pleased I am with them, they are very comfortable, so much so I forget I'm wearing one and because of

this I don't feel self conscious about wearing one - if nothing else they put a smile on the faces of the people I work with and meet in

stores or even the street.

Thank you very much for the patches - I have attached a photo of me wearing the smiley one - this one seems to bring the most smiles -

thank you once again


Jennifer H

Worcester England


I received the eye patches on Friday and I must say I was really impressed on the craftsmanship. It is far better then those typical

black ones from the optometrist.


I must compliment the way the blue and leather patches look and feel. The neoprene backing is extremely comfortable. I only wish

I had found you earlier in my life as a patch wearer. I struggled with the patch at a younger age getting accepted in grade school.

I must say it does a wonder on my self esteem and makes talking about the patch a much nicer conversational piece.





 Shawn F.

 El Paso, Texas

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