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Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the eye patches I received from you.  Best overall comfort, design

and quality I've found in my five years of wearing a patch.  I'll be ordering more soon!

Many thanks for your great work and product,


Rick  S.

Cicero, Illinois

I just received my patch in the mail (snow storm delay on my end).  And it's FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I'm going to wear it around

 for a day, but expect that I will be ordering several more from you. LOVE IT.  Want more fun/fashion ones!!!!!!!  The next

three months until my surgery suddenly don't feel so bleak.
           THANK YOU.

Rebecca S.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thanks for the quick response. The size is fine and no problem adjusting the band.
I've tried two other vendors and find your patches superior in that they tend to stay in place better (don't slide around as much)

and mold to my face better. The latter quality is important to me as my blind eye apparently still has some sensitivity to light,

which results in phantom vision if I don't have a complete seal with the patch.

Thanks again.

Jerry B.
The Villages, Florida


Just sent out my order this evening,  just wanted to drop a little note saying how much I loved your website and the look of your

product.  I can't wait to receive it.  Not trying to take anything from their true purpose but my order is intended for shooting, such

as rifle and archery.  There are a lot of sportsmen out there, such as myself, which cannot close one eye or another for the purposes

 of using a scope or bow sights.  I've seen several people use patches in competitions and thought the idea was wonderful.

 Just thought I would share that with you.  Wish ya'll the best for 08'.

Best regards,

         Dumas, Texas

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Thank you for the quality eye wear I received from you.  It is just what I had in mind for a long time. I am sure I will use you in the future.



Chris E.
Hampton, Virginia

I got the eye patch in the mail a couple days ago... and it looks great...


Thanks again for your hard work and artistic abilities

God's blessings to you!


Johnstown Colorado


I ordered 3 eye patches  from you and love them  I have gotten a lot of wonderful comments about them.  My surgeon asked for

your web site  so she wants to order them for her patients  

 thanks again


                  Montello WI.



I received the eye patches today.  They are wonderful!  I can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow.  They will be fun to wear

for my kindergarten kids!


Thank you for the great job you did! I hope your eye is feeling better. 


Cathy V.

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This is Jude again
 My Ocularist who is designing, fitting and fabricating my ocular prostheses  has also fallen in love with your eye patches and has

also asked for your  web site. I will have my new plastic eye tomorrow. Thank you again so much  for aiding me to live a normal life

 while waiting for my prostheses. The  patches have enabled me to put a lot of smiles on peoples faces since March.

  Montello, WI


My son loves them. You're the best and you'll be hearing from us again.  


                                             Denison TX



I love your product.  The patches are very comfortable, made from quality material, and stylish.

I also like that there is no seam on the exposed side of the cloth patch; a very "clean" look. 


Thank you,



Cincinnati, OH

I received the patches today and just had to let you know how much I appreciate the quick response.  They are beautiful, very well

made and super comfortable.  As a new patch wearer Iím a bit self-conscious, so I was thrilled to find your website and be able to

have a patch thatís a personal accessory rather than an appliance.

Thanks again Ė


Helene B.

Cincinnati, OH


You might also be interested to know I wore another of your patches out to sea with the Coast Guard recently.  I volunteer at a sea

turtle hospital and we were releasing 12 sea turtles into the warm Gulf Stream waters, 42 miles from our beach.


Thanks again,


Terry M.


I received my patches today. I am very appreciative of the express handling. You will make my friend very happy, and right now, he needs it.

Thanks for your work.

Jamie D. M., CLTC

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