Eye-GrafX Measuring Instructions. Simply follow these special instructions for a perfect fit!







The Design # on the order form is the Color or the Design number on the page you have chosen.

An example would be FL 1 is Black Leather

Remember a convex eye patch extends outward away from the eye, while a concave eye patch curves inward toward the eye.  A Semi-Convex Patch has a slight curve outward to better fit under glasses... A Flat patch will fit under glasses....


Measurement of eye patch

Although we don't warrant our products for a specific purpose, or make any claims of suitability for a specific medical condition. we know that your appearance is very important to you and at Eye-GrafX we strive to make a product that compliments your image. Please keep in mind that our patches are made one at a time, hand cut, glued, fitted together, sewn, pressed and formed, therefore dimensions may vary slightly along with the design. 

Although available as a selection, we do not recommend 1/8 inch elastic


How to Measure your eye!

How to measure your eye for a Eye Patch!

How to Measure for the eye patch size:


  Measure from the top of the eyebrow down to the upper part of the cheek bone. (Keep your eye in the middle of the  measurement).   Then measure from the outer edge of the eye to middle bridge of the nose. This will give you an approximate measurement to choose from.  Always double check your measurements.  Different people have different shapes. It is always best to measure


 How to measure for the elastic band length:

Using a string, measure around your head beginning about the mid-forehead at the brow line and just above the ear, going straight around.

Most adult heads are between 20 to 22 inches.   

 Click Here to download a printable ruler.

Elastic Measurement using Hat Size

Hat Measurement vs Elastic for Eye Patch size.

Hat Measurements..(In inches, round the decimal to the nearest number)


Oval patches may vary in height in proportion to the width. Each patch may vary up to approximately 1/8 of an inch  from the above patch sizes.

 If wearing below the ear make sure your measurement of the elastic reflects the correct length!


How to measure Elastic for an eye patch 

Eye Patch Shapes explained

For the best position the band should be worn is approximately 1/4 above your opposing eyebrow and arch gently over the brow.


The portion of the band on the side of the patched eye should be worn slightly above your ear. Oval patches are worn below the ear!


Blinking Eye Patch Guy
*Sizes are approximate. Since each patch is handmade, we cannot guarantee the exact size!

Metal Studs allow elastic band to fit your face perfectly

Each patch is made to order!

There are no patches pre-made!


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