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November 21, 2017

I just received my first from eye patch, a semi-convex - and I AM DELIGHTED!!! I tried it on straight out of the package, it's only been 30 minutes ago, I haven't even adjusted it yet, lol! But, OOOooo! To be able to wear it under my glasses and SEE! It is simply wonderful.

I just had to send you this quick note of thanks and appreciation. I will be ordering more!



September 27, 2017

We love your eye patches, well made, trendy, and comfortable. We've purchased 4 so far and look forward to buying many more in the future. I searched high and low trying to find my son eye patches that would fit his age after being the victim of a crime causing the loss of his eye. Anything that would help with his transition to accepting his new look, so glad I came across your website.

Thank you, keep up the great work!



Hi again! This is Mike the combat injured Marine that you sent a bunch of assorted patches a while back. Just wanted to say hello again, and thank you for the quality products that you make. I have looked all over both locally around town and online from ebay to Amazon and have yet to find a good quality patch that lasts like the ones you make. I hope you continue to do so! I get lots of other people with eye injuries that ask me where i get such good looking eye patches and i always refer them to here! If you are able to, you might consider talking with Amazon to market your product on their website too, i think it could be a great match to your quality product, because bad quality products never last on Amazon, but with your craftsmanship, attention to detail and wide assortment of products i have no doubts it could really benefit your business! It might make you TOO busy haha! Anyways, thank you once again and god bless.

San Diego CA 92129


Thank you so much! You are wonderful, and so are the patches!

The reason I need them is because I had a tumor removed from behind my eye, and now the eye doesn't work (but, thankfully, the tumor was benign).

A funny story: For the past year and a half, I have been raising a puppy (part black lab, part golden retriever, but all black in color). I am a "volunteer puppy raiser", and the puppy (her name is Mingo) will hopefully be a Service Dog some day for someone with a disability. But first she will go through at least 6 months of professional training, where she will learn to do things like open and close drawers, pick up dropped objects and bring them to her person, turn on and off lights, pull a child in a wheelchair, etc. (My role was to teach her 30 basic commands and to socialize her to many different public situations). As was the plan, I turned her in for professional training 2 weeks ago. For the "turn-in" day, there is a big ceremony for the people who are turning in their pups, as well as for the people who are "graduating" with their fully trained Service Dogs, after going through a very intensive 2-week training period with their dog (and after they have been on a wait list for about 2 years). The dogs are provided for free to the people with disabilities, and they really make a huge difference in the lives of the people who need them.

When you so kindly sent me two sizes of patches, I found that the X-small was in fact a bit too small for me, but the small was perfect. So, as I was getting ready for the puppy turn-in ceremony (an emotional day, since we grow very attached to these wonderful dogs, but give them back in hopes that they will "make the cut" to be a Service Dog to someone who is a stranger to me, but whose life will be made so much better by this wonderful dog), it occurred to me that there would be lots of photos taken of me with Mingo, and since my bad eye looks so ugly, I would be wearing a patch. Then suddenly I thought, "Hey! Mingo can wear a patch, too!" So we took photos with both of us wearing beautiful matching red eye patches, and since she has a beautiful black coat, she looked wonderful! Everyone got a kick out of it. I haven't seen the photos yet (they will be posted online but aren't there yet), but I will send you one when they become available.

Anyway, thanks again for your beautiful, well-made product, as well as your incredibly fast and helpful service.

Take care!

Kathy H.


I love my new eyepatch! Thank you for your wonderful work. Your company is timely and professional. You have a wonderful design and quality craftsmanship.                       David C

Gwen, I'm currently wearing my eye patch with the strap under my ear. The patches are working out great for me. Again, you have my permission to use images or endorsements.                 David Cale



Here is another photo you can post if you want.
I get so many compliments on your custom made patches! So much better to wear than wearing a plain black patch! Fashionable!

L Wussow


Hi Eye-GrafX,

I just ordered 3 more new eye patches on line tonight. I also emailed my testimonial and my photo to you from my smart phone- wearing my favorite patch!

I've gotten so many compliments that I really don't mind wearing the patch, and looking good sure makes it easier! I also gave your company information to the huge EYE INSTITUTE in Milwaukee WI where hundreds and hundreds of eye surgeries are performed each year. People come from all over to come to the Eye Institute. Its also a huge research facility 7 stories high.
Hopefully my testimonial and passing on the website info to the institute so will give your company lots of business! People are really surprised and love the colorful patches available since they hate the plain black and very ugly surgical eye patches.

Linda Wussow


I received my bling bling eye patches on Thursday.

Just in time to go back to work today! I had eye surgery and will have my left eye sutured shut for 6 weeks. Thank you Billy, they are perfect. I got so many compliments today. I really appreciated Billy's help to walk me thru the ordering process. Here is my photo from this morning!

Thank you!!!


December 12, 2015

Friends, Don't wait to get eyeGrafx patches. They are very well made by a team with their heart in the right place. I had a bad injury and the comfort and happiness I experienced from wearing a custom patch was more than worth it. In a time of hardship getting something you love seems like a luxury and yet I found it an essential part of healing and getting and feeling better.

My personal favourites were oval snakeskin ‎patterns, and I had a leather one for everday use, another to dress down and be more casual, and a snazzy reflective one for when I really felt great and wanted to dress up. The amount of people who connected with me over my patches was a wonderful thing that I did not expect that definitely made me feel a lot better - like a normal person going through a hard time, instead of a big dork wearing a pharmacy patch :) I highly recommend this business and product.


Dear Eye-GrafX,

Although I've been using your eye patches about three years now, I just noticed the Testimonials section and thought you might want mine.

About five years ago I had a Pituitary Gland Tumor operation. The operation did not go well and my left eye was damaged. It is misaligned (three strabismus operations have helped, but not enough). I wear an eye patch not so much because of the severe double vision, but because the eye produces no tears and the patch protects it from wind and dust.

Before I found Eye-Grafx I ordered a custom designed eye patch from another company. It was okay, but not quite what I wanted (mostly because it cost $30 and was designed to wear out in 6 - 12 months. When I found eye-grafx I started with an order of two eye patches. I had measured my eye wrong and they were too large. Still they worked pretty well, were durable and quite comfortable. I especially liked that they were fairly easy to adjust whenever the elastic band stretched.

After a few months I ordered a couple more (oval shaped) got the size right, then ordered a couple more (pointed). I've been quite happy with them. They look great are easy to put on, are easy to adjust and are durable. Today I ordered three more (rounded) not because the others have worn out, but because I'd like a little variety. I got brave and ordered some colors.

Robb G
Ventura CA 93003

July 2 2015

The Eye-Grafx team helped me turn something I was embarrassed about (wearing a big clumsy patch) into something novel, fun, and me. I wear a patch a lot more often as a result, and my eye pain has gone down considerably. Plus I feel better about myself and connect with people more. The only problem is that now I want more, which isn't such a bad problem :)


I LOVE your eye patches!!! I have bought them for the last couple of years now from you and only you because I have found no better eye patch in quality, comfort or cost! I have so many of them because I match my patch to the color of my ties and I always get complements on how well I match. I really appreciate all you have done for me eye grafix! I am blessed to have found you!

Ridge Rochester, MN

Hi Eye Grafx,

I no longer have any previous emails but here is my testimonial.
Feel free to post it.

Eye Grafx is an an amazing company. I used their website to order an eye patch for my mom.
It has been a difficult time for us in her recently loosing her eye. And we are trying our best to determine how to cover the eye socket.
The challenger was to find a patch the was large enough which i was able to find with eye Grafx.
I ordered an eye patch but it came in black which is not what I thought I ordered. I likely made an error in the order.
When I emaied the company, the quickly offered to send the tan coloured patch with no expense to me and without my even asking.
This compnay was so gratious to deal with during a difficult time.
I would definetly recommend them.

Home Decor Staging and Design

Rocky "Azucar" Romero says

Eye-Grafx makes nothing but quality products! The largest and best Eye Patch Manufacturers on the planet! I don't trust anyone else!
If anyone should get the chance to go to one of his matches,
watch Rocky wipe the floor with his opponents!!
He is one mean wrestler.
Support@ Eye-GrafX.com

Many many Thanks for your wonderful eye patch! Just

 got my first one, (I will be ordering more!) and

 I ~~LOVE~~ it! Very comfortable and super easy to adjust the elastic band.


Eye GrafX,

I recently ordered from your website and have never been so happy with an eye patch before! It arrived in three days- was expecting at least a week.
The patch (semi-convex) fits under my glasses perfectly, which has been a huge issue in the past. I really couldn't be any happier with my order and this makes my life
 tremendously easier. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be ordering from your website again.

Shae A. K.
Lebanon, VA

Hi, guys. Got my new patches today. Excellent work. Thanks so much. I've attached a photo of me wearing the skull patch; you're welcome to use it on your site and Facebook page. if it's suitable. I can send others later of me wearing the other patches, if you want.

Shelly H

Eye-GrafX saved my professional career! I own a consulting company and after losing my sight in my right eye due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, I was saddened to see that my clients were distracted by the wayward eye. I tried store-bought patches and some provided by my eye specialist, but they were all uncomfortable and would not stay in place. Then I discovered Eye-GrafX and found the perfect patch. The quality is superior to any you will find anywhere else and customer service is top notch!

An extremely grateful customer,
Chris M (North Carolina)


Just wanted to thank you for the eye patch I just received from you. I am impressed by the quality of the materials and how well crafted it is.  I have already been complimented on it and am planning on ordering some more soon. 

Thanks again. It really is quite nice. 



Bowling Green, Ohio

Just a quick note to thank you guys for making good patches -- soft backings and elastic bands that fit make a huge difference. The horrible rough papery one with tight elastic from the drug store nearly had me driven mad, and the sticky ones had irritated my skin.

I am hoping that the issue with my eye is temporary, but three weeks have passed with no clear answer -- frustrating. Meanwhile, the eye needs to be protected from light. I'm a novelist -- I've had a learning curve, like everyone else, as I adjust to working with one eye. After a few days now of wearing your patches, though, I generally feel more comfortable and less apprehensive. Compliments are pouring in.

With thanks,

Michelle Butler Hallett.
St. John's, NL Canada

Just wanted to say thanks, the eye patches look great! I got them this morning!
Not the best pic but I wanted you to see!

Tim Beardsley
Berea KY 40403

I want to say thank you for the eye patches you made for my little boy. He loves them so much. He changes them often lol. When he got them he said "wow this eye patch doesn't hurt or squish my face like my other eye patch.'' I also wanted to thank you for the white eye patch you sent it looks wonderful. Thank you
Holli Oatis
 Chalmette, LA 70085

Thank you for sending out the new one Billy. I ordered this one a little smaller. I'm looking forward to receiving it, absolutely.

In the meantime, as I said in my letter, I honestly can't tell you how extremely comfortable the one I got is! I'm just simply blown away by the difference between this and the ones I've been wearing for years. Having researched online on various occasions, there really was nobody doing what you're doing at Eye-GrafX, so discovering your company was a revelation for me.

I have multiple sclerosis, and one of the plethora of issues I have to deal with a great deal of the time is not insignificant double vision. By covering one eye, I can function so much better and easier in my daily life. .I can promise that these 2 will definitely not be the only ones I can see ordering in the future. Once I figure out the perfect size (the first one or the second) I can certain envision ordering a few more down the road.

I'm glad you posted my testimonial on your site, not that you didn't already have a variety of others.

Again, you guys rock, thank you for making my life so much more comfortable and easy (and stylish to boot).

Toronto Canada M9N1Y2
Thank you Gerard for letting us know......

Dear Eye-GrafX,
I just received my first patch (in excellent time) from you guys and it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most incredible patch I've ever worn!!!

I've been using a variety of different, essentially drug store patches for years (because that's all I could find). They never fit right, nor were they particularly attractive (dramatic understatement).

I must admit, I did have high hopes after ordering from you, but that was tempered with a "you never know when you order online" pessimism. (because you really have no idea when you purchase something sight unseen).

I put it on, and after a brief adjustment of the strap (as per your instructions), I was simply amazed at how incredibly comfortable it is, as well as the "complete" eye coverage it attained (so often a huge flaw in drug store patches), as well as how incredibly attractive it is!

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Gerard B
Toronto Canada M9N1Y2
(P.S. I just ordered another one)

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