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Hi Eye Grafx,

I no longer have any previous emails but here is my testimonial.
Feel free to post it.

Eye Grafx is an an amazing company. I used their website to order an eye patch for my mom.
It has been a difficult time for us in her recently loosing her eye. And we are trying our best to determine how to cover the eye socket.
The challenger was to find a patch the was large enough which i was able to find with eye Grafx.
I ordered an eye patch but it came in black which is not what I thought I ordered. I likely made an error in the order.
When I emaied the company, the quickly offered to send the tan coloured patch with no expense to me and without my even asking.
This compnay was so gratious to deal with during a difficult time.
I would definetly recommend them.

Home Decor Staging and Design



These patches are amazing! the quality is outstanding! I'm a seamstress, so I know how hard you must work on these! The subtle differences between these patches and the ones you buy in the store make all the difference in the world! I strongly encourage anyone who has to wear a patch to purchase  these! Do not wait, like I did. I thought about purchasing these about a year ago and decided not to spend the money on something I thought would only be temporary. But I have probably spent twice the money on cheap, uncomfortable patches from the drug store. Even if your situation is temporary, they are well worth the effort and expense! And in the long run, I believe purchasing these well-made, comfortable, reasonably priced patches will be less expensive than running out to the drug store every month for two or three cheapos! On the emotional side, just the fact that they are not the traditional "pirate" patch, changes your whole outlook on the situation. Now, instead of looking at my condition as a burden, I look forward to building my patch wardrobe and see it more like wearing a fashionable accessory than a bandage. I have already placed 2 orders, back to back, and plan on continue....Thanks to Gwen for being there and providing this fabulous and unique product! You have literally changed my life!                                                            

 -Kristen Collins
       Paradise, California



I love your work, keep up the cool improvements to the site, it's great that you have PayPal now. I've been running into other people who wear

patches or cosmetic lenses on the bus, and they always ask me where I got the cool patches from. I always direct them to your website, so hopefully

 they are making some orders!

The patches seem to last a long time, and the adjustability adds to the lifespan. People like the way those metal studs look too, it adds

 to the cool overall effect.

Thanks again,

Austin, TX


I'm a bit surprised that I got the eye patches yesterday 16th of August! you have a very good service and I love it! I'm going to order those

patches with the styles in few weeks from now.

Thank you,

Jackson Heights, New York


Many thanks for my eye-patches, received in good time ,(despite the volcano), they are even better than they look on your site - well finished

 and the colours are great. I was very impressed with the (More than) reasonable charges,  am so pleased and I will be back before too long. 

 Thanks again it has made my experience of unavoidable eye-patch wearing more of a talking point and allows me to colour co-ordinate.



Leicestershire, UK

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Dad  (Scott S.) is really delighted with the patches and is putting them both to good use. They are the most comfortable patches that he has found to date. Thanks again for your help and swift response to our enquiries, should we require more patches in the future we certainly know where to come!

Kind regards,   


    Jo-Anna S.

   Gloucester England



Skull Eye Patch


Still in love with your work. Each one greater than the last.


Thank you,


Teresa J.

Wichita, KS 


Green Leaves Eye Patch


For a lot of reasons, I really like Gwen's eye patches.  First I was lured  by her wonderful web site.  I figured that anyone who took the effort to have such a nice site really cared about the quality of their product.  So I decided to take a chance and order a couple of patches from Gwen.  My hunch proved to be correct.  I was really impressed with her craftsmanship and her artistry. I can now say that her patches are as comfortable as they are attractive.  If you are undecided  whether to try them I hope you take the chance like I did.  Frankly I hope to buy all my future patches from Eye-GraFX.

Keep up the great work, Gwen!!
       Best wishes to you and your family

Snake Eye Patch

"Here's lookin' at you Kid"

Mike from Hopkins

Best regards.


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We have ordered patches from you twice recently.  My brother in law who wears them, absolutely loves them.  We like that they are thick padded foam and the metal studs are a great idea because of having to adjust them after frequent wearing. Please let us know about the "hot new patches". We are getting ready to send another order!

Debbie M.

Edmond, Oklahoma

Tiger Eye Patch

(Tim wearing your "Tiger NEPE2" patch)


Just received the patches and they are the best !

They could not be more perfect in every way, no adjustment is needed,  the 20" band is also perfect !!!!  Thanks so very much you are fantastic!!


Thanks so much,


                   Franklin, New Hampshire

American Flag Eye Patch

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